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About Us
International standards allow Qingdao Leigh-Mardon to stand in the forefront of the industry. In 1999, the company passed the ISO9000 Quality Management System certification, and established a comprehensive quality management system. In 2010 they passed the ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification. In 2014, they passed the offset printing green certification, and in 2015 passed the national green gravure printing certification (which one of the first in china), the BSCI Business Social Compliance certification and the FSC forest certification.
We exact the highest quality 
Our company carries out comprehensive quality management in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system. We have established incoming inspection, process inspection, product testing, delivery inspection and other systems, and adopted the mode integrating sampling and complete checking, being equipped with advanced printing online detection systems and checking machines. At the same time, we have two specialized laboratories, multiple sets of international advanced detection equipment, being capable of carrying out testing and monitoring on a full range of chemical and physical parameters of products, providing a solid hardware foundation for accurate and reliable test results. 
The company follows the quality principle of “regarding customer satisfaction as the standard, full participation, continuous improvement, providing high-quality and competitive products and services", and never lets pass any minor flaws from prepress to in-print, from post-print to inspection, from inspection to delivery, and finally to the customer's production line. 
Honors are recognition for us 
In September 2014, the company was named “National Model Printing Enterprise” and won the titles of "Qingdao Green Printing Model Enterprise", "Qingdao Civilization Unit”, AAA-class Credit Enterprise in the Industry and "China Cup Creative Design Competition Award”; it has been rated as A-class tax credit unit by the national taxation and land taxation systems in Qingdao for five consecutive years.
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